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Friday, February 26, 2010

It's Time!! Let's Go Around the World.

Hello Everyone! Have you been seeing the sneak peeks all week? I am so incredibly excited to finally reveal what Britt-ish Designs and I have been working on. It has been a long labor of love, and we both hope that you will adore these kits as much as we do! Well, I have LOTS to show you, know we have kept you all in suspense for far too long, so I'm just going to get on with it. Get ready to take a trip Around the World! Ooohh.... and don't forget the freebie too!

Around The World

Getting ready to scrap a recent European vacation? Hoping to scrap your family's history? Looking for the perfect elements to highlight those photos of a certain "world showcase"? Then look no further! This week's releases are every travel guru's dream come true! Around the World is a huge MEGA kit that is perfect for all you jet setters (after all, it is a small, small world, lol) but just in case you need something a bit more specific, we got a bit crazy and created the Taste of the World series!

This series of products comes in several individual kits, OR you can save money and buy the bundles!! First up - we have a travel-themed mega-kit . . .

Taste of Americana
Sahlin Studio
Taste of Asia

Taste of Canada

Taste of France & Italy

Taste of Germany & Norway

Taste of Great Britain

Taste of Mexico

Taste of Morocco

Just gotta have it all?
Then check out the following money saving bundles ( images are linked):

Taste of the World Bundle

OR how 'bout the whole sh-bang??
The Ultimate Round Trip Ticket Bundle

Some Inspiration:
Check out these layouts for a little inspiration!
YBMelissa kristasahlin
Sahlin Studio Sahlin Studio
Carolee Princess.Erica
Sahlin Studio Sahlin Studio
Sahlin Studio

Layouts using "Around the World":
Sahlin StudioNockosh onegirloneboy
Sahlin Studio
Gracielou LeeAndra
Sahlin Studio Sahlin Studio
Taste of Mexico:
Kristasahlin The Werners
Sahlin Studio Sahlin Studio

A little Taste of Canada:
YBMelissa cindys732003
Sahlin Studio Sahlin Studio
Taste of Germany & Norway:
BrynnMarie Britt
Sahlin Studio Sahlin Studio
Kristasahlin Kristasahlin
Sahlin Studio Sahlin Studio
Taste of Asia:
Sahlin Studio

Taste of France & Italy:
Monsu YBMelissa
Sahlin Studio
TanyaH666 neeceebee
Sahlin Studio
Taste of Great Britain:
Lmccandless TanyaH666
Sahlin Studio Sahlin Studio
Taste of Americana
BrynnMarie JellyFish
Sahlin Studio Sahlin Studio
Taste of Morocco
Monsu HapEScrapr
Sahlin Studio Sahlin Studio
JenDavey JustJess
Sahlin Studio Sahlin Studio

So, what did you think?
I hope you loved it as much as Britt and I do!


In celebration we are both giving away freebie add-ons to this great release on our blogs.
Click here to grab it.

Be sure to stop be Britt's blog here for a little freebie from her as well!!


Thursday, February 25, 2010

departing tomorrow...


I know the suspense is killing you, but you'll have to wait one more day!! Sahlin Studios and Britt-ish Designs have cooked up a very special collaboration that you're NOT going to want to miss.

Who wants to go on a journey with us? We're departing Friday Feb. 26!


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

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