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Monday, January 24, 2011

Journal It: right here, right now.


"Journal It" is where you can find help with journal inspiration or where you can find a quote that you can use on about on almost ANY layout. I hope this will help to inspire you. You could use the prompts in many different ways... you might use the prompt on your layout and stop right there, you may not need to journal more... Whereas other times these prompts might inspire you to write about something even deeper. Feel free to check out this weeks prompt below. If you missed any, you can check out any previous prompts too. Be sure to check in each Monday for a new journaling prompt!

The prompt is another one that you will be able to use on pretty much ANY layout.

Today's Prompt is: right here, right now.

This could really help to transport you to being in that moment.

How could you use this prompt? You could:
1) Add this sentiment on your page. Even just this will make you connect with living in this moment. OR
2) Add this sentiment on your page, AND, perhaps even WHAT is so special about this moment "right here, right now". Does it bring you back to that moment in time? Could it inspire you you to live in that moment? Does it remind you of anything in that moment? What about what you were feeling?

See where this can take you?

For example: I was doing a layout with pictures of my son and I hugging and snuggling, and just being silly. But this prompt made me dig deeper. What was I feeling? What was going on right then? Feelings came rushing back... thinking about how fast time goes by, how big my boy has gotten, not wanting to miss out on any hugs. sniff sniff. It meant so much more. Check out my layout:

by: kristasahlin (credits here)

I'd LOVE to see if you decide to play along with me...
feel free to link your layout in the comments section.


anna said...

Ooh, loovin' it! Love how you teamed up the vintage lace with the notebook paper! Cute photos! Oh, how precious they will be 10 years from now!

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