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Monday, October 18, 2010

JOURNAL IT: Happiness is... YOU

One random day I was doing some thinking..... there really isn't a website or place that you can go to for some really good journaling inspiration. In general, so many people struggling with journaling. So, I would like to start providing some generic ideas or quotes that might inspire you on your layouts.

Think about it. Take any layout, you have a photo (or multiple photos), you add some embellishments to soften the page, perhaps beautiful flowers or a button... there is movement on your page, but if there are no words, you might be missing having more emotion or feeling. Now, take the same layout, then add the words: "enjoy the moment" on the page, it just feels different, doesn't it? And yet, those same words could go on almost ANY page! It could describe an ordinary day at home, a fun day at the park or a day at WDW. It doesn't necessarily have to be lots of words to be consider journaling, it can be just a simple phrase or sentiment.

So my goal for "Journal It" would be to focus on things you can journal about on almost ANY layout, to help you put more emotion into your pages. You could use these two different ways... you might use the prompt on your layout and stop right there, you may not need to journal more... Whereas other times these prompts might inspire you to write about something even deeper.

Let's start with my first prompt:

You could:
1) Add this sentiment on your page. Even this will make you smile when you see those photographs on your page! OR 2) Add this sentiment on your page, AND, perhaps even WHY "happiness is... you". It could inspire you to think of that person. What makes him/her happy? or perhaps what makes YOU happy about him/her?

See where this can take you?

For example: I was doing a layout about my daughter, Sophie. There wasn't a theme to the page, there really wasn't any story to tell either, and no specifics about these particular photos... so, what is there to journal about then?? What could I add to the page to feel more? Then I thought about this quote: "HAPPINESS IS..... YOU". Then all of my thoughts came flooding in... what makes Sophie happy? What makes her smile? And well, the journaling just came.

Here is the layout that I did:
(see credits here)

Hopefully this helps to make you inspired as well!!

.... and as a little bonus, I made up a piece of word art that I used in my layout.
(click on the link, then right click and save)

Feel free to use it on any of your layouts.

Going forward I plan to place a journal prompts on my blog once a week. So you can definitely plan to stay tuned!! Some days I might have a layout to show (sometimes not) never know, maybe a freebie as well! But all in all I hopes that this helps to inspire and encourage you along!!

Want to see how it inspired others?



Monique1971 said...

Thank you Krista!

Tami said...

Thank you Krista, love this Wordart and the inspiration :-)
Here is my LO:

chouk77 said...

Thank you very much !
Love it !

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much. This was perfect. I'll be coming here again for inspiration.

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