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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Snipettes!! Get your Snipettes!!

TGIF!! Yes, the Friday of Memorial Weekend..even better!!
Hope you all have fun plans for the three day holiday weekend. I'm heading up north for the weekend and hoping for weather over 50 degrees. (crossing my fingers) Usually it is frigid and windy up north. But we still always manage to have a good time just the same.

Just wait till you see what I have today!! I'm excited to show!
I'm calling them "snipettes". Which are little words or phrases that are "snipped" out. They work so easy to help tell your story and are so fun to play around with!!

There are many different ways you can use them:;

1) bunch them as a focal points of your layout
2) use just one to tell the story
3) scatter messages around on your page

Snipettes: Enjoy the Moment
Snipettes:Enjoy the Moment Preview

Here's my layout using these.

Here are some more inspirational layouts for you.
Aren't those fabulous?!?

How 'bout a FREE template?? Download here.

Hope you have a great Memorial Weekend! See you in the funnies!



icedlatteprincess:) said...

Thank you so much!!!

jennamy82 said...

Thank you for the wonderful template!

Ginny O said...

Very cute! Thanks so much for the template!

fl_connie said...


lammogliagirl said...

I usually like more delicate templates but your big bold ones are just so beautiful I couldn't resist! Thank you so much for this wonderful gift!

ChloƩ said...

Thank you very much for this nice template.

senovia said...

Thank you so much! I just found your site and love it! You have a fabulous style!

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