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Friday, September 25, 2009

My "Not So Happy" Fairytale

Some of you may remember a certain trouble I had with my infamous External Hard Drive.
Well, and for those of you who don't.... ahhh.... I can fill you in!!

Keep reading.... it gets REALLY GOOD!!!

Here's what I have new out today!

Doodley Borders 'n' Frames Vol 1. by Sahlin Studio:

Metal Photo Holders by Sahlin Studio:

Circle Stitches-Black & White by Sahlin Studio:

Wire-Rimmed Alpha by Sahlin Studio:

So.... What's this about a External Hard Drive?

"Once upon a time....there was a beautiful young woman ( beautiful I mean 'still in my PJ's at 2pm', and by young I mean '30 is the new 20') Anyways...once upon a time there was a beautiful young woman who spent her days slaving tirelessly at her computer. She loved her job, and spent many (many-as in 'I think I have carpel-tunnel and my eyes are seeing spots) hours working at the computer. One hot summer day, she was opening up her EHD (yes, this is a very technical fairytale), when Lo and Behold-her stash had vanished. All her scrapping kits, supplies, pictures, all GONE.

She wept real tears (yes, I did...big fat ones) and cried for her fairy godmother. Twinkle twinkle twinkle, down came the fairy godmother who smiled upon the beautiful woman and said, "Well, what happened, didn't you back up?" The handsome prince galloped in (I called my hubby at work and begged him to find someone to fix it-ASAP!) and searched high and low for one who was wise enough to cast such a spell. After weeks of searching the countryside (lots of disappointing phone calls and emails), he found one wise enough to cure the EHD of it's memory loss. When the beautiful woman heard how much it cost ($2,000 FREAKIN dollars, thank you very much) She gasped in horror. "

So in an attempt to crawl out of my DEBT... I am having a little fundraiser! I'm offering all of my products new, out today, at a HUGE-ly discounted bundle price. Everything I make off of these products will go towards paying off some my EHD expense!

Cool right? Good for you and good for me!! Don't miss this AWESOME SAVINGS!!!

Always Back-Up Bundle by Sahlin Studio:

Bundle Package will Expire: October 9th!!

Here is a little inspiration, in hopes that this will convince you to support my little cause. HAHA!!

Please help this fairytale end happily - buy my bundle.


Oh.... P.S. If you haven't got the memo... backup!


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Check back tomorrow!!

Something really big...coming tomorrow!!


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Come and Play!!

FRIDAY IS HERE!! YAY!! And you are going to want to play with what I have new today!!

I have TONS of those "not so pretty" pictures of my kids just sitting on my hard drive. You know, those shots taken of the kiddos at the park or when they are playing with their toys, just everyday type stuff. (whispering) "Although most of these pics don't always have the best lighting conditions, and it seems like my kids aren't ever looking at the camera... and they are making a goofy face at the camera. HAHA!!" But I've always found it SO difficult to find kits with COLOR to scrap these moments!!! So here's COLOR, baby!!

I've teamed up with Molly of DeCrow Designs to bring you this HUGE collab called, "Play". It is chocked full of vibrant color, fun, and uniqueness. This kit was so inspired by the everyday play times in our life. So whether you want to scrap about your kids, your pets or just the everyday fun in your life this would be PERFECT!!

Play by Decrow Designs and Sahlin Studio:

There are a couple of coordinating pieces too:

Playful Word Art by Decrow Designs and Sahlin Studio:

Playful Alpha by Decrow Designs and Sahlin Studio:

And for a little SAVINGS$$
Play Bundle by Decrow Designs and Sahlin Studio:

:Warning: There are quite a number of them, get ready to be inspired!

OH Gawrsh.... I almost forgot something, but I bet you didn't!!! hee hee
Here's a little something for you to "play" with, right now!!

Download here.

Don't forgot to stop by Molly's blog for another freebie!

If you like what you see... let me know!! Happy Scrapping!


I can't WAIT to show you what I have coming out tommorrow!!
I've teamed up with someone amazing!!
You are going to be so excited when you get a chance to "play" with it!!


Friday, September 11, 2009

I am looking forward to a weekend at HOME!! Yes, I will be home for a whole weekend! I DO love traveling, but time spent and home is just as precious to me!! I am envisioning a trip to the local apple orchard with the kiddos, and lots of time to scrap for me (hopefully)!!

I have a mod-podge of goodies for you today! Scroll on down and check them out!

Vellum Alpha:
Are you looking for a realistic-looking Vellum Alpha? If you like the look of vellum, but struggle with creating a nice, subtle shadow that doesn't overwhelm your page, you are going to LOVE this alpha! This alpha is offered in my full Blessed kit, but I decided to offer it separately for the folks that wanted it!!
Sahlin Studio

Some Inspirational layouts for you.
Sahlin Studio
Sahlin Studio
Sahlin Studio
Sahlin Studio
Sahlin Studio

Explore.Learn.Grow. Quickpages

One of the best things about quickpages, besides the fact that they move scrapping into warp speed, is that they can help you scrap in so many different styles and ways you might not normally feel comfortable. Without the work!! These Explore. Learn.Grow. pages were crafted by my wonderful CT members, and I think they just hit it out of the park! This set of seven pages is perfect for everything from a first week of school album to a teacher gift. And the best part? All you have to do is plop your photos in!

Sahlin Studio

Here are some of the original layouts (with pictures in) for you to get an idea of how they look!

Blessed Quickpages:
My team was very busy this week. In addition to the Explore.Learn.Grow. quickpages, they also created a set with Blessed! These eleven (11) beautiful quickpages are fully of gorgeous and dainty details, and can be used for romantic, religious, or wedding pages or use them all to make a book!
Sahlin Studio

Here are more detailed pictures and some examples of them in use!
Sahlin Studio Sahlin Studio

Sahlin Studio Sahlin Studio

Have a great weekend!! And go get your scrap on!!



Friday, September 4, 2009

I want to scrap like you when I grow up.....

Hello everyone!
and Happy Labor Day Weekend to those in the States!

Since I've started digital scrapbooking, I've met the most incredible people (some of which are you!!) Granted you are online friends... but you do have an impact on my life, everyday! Seeing all of your layouts and projects inspire me, and I LOVE seeing them!! I was elated when my friend and CT-er, Rebecca (RebeccaH), told me I could 'lift' any of her layouts! Now I am in awe when it comes to any of my CT, the layouts they create are SO amazing!! I totally want to scrap just like them, "when I grow up"! I had SO much fun looking through Rebecca's gallery, and picked out some FUN layouts to make into templates for you too can scrap like Rebecca!! Thank you hun! No blushing now, your fabulous!!

Oh, and I have a little something extra for my Sahlin Studio Insiders today! If you haven't registered, be sure to sign up for newsletter!

i wanna scrap like you when i grow up by Sahlin Studio:

Are you ready for some amazing inspiration??

Have a GREAT weekend, and happy scrapping!

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