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Friday, September 25, 2009

My "Not So Happy" Fairytale

Some of you may remember a certain trouble I had with my infamous External Hard Drive.
Well, and for those of you who don't.... ahhh.... I can fill you in!!

Keep reading.... it gets REALLY GOOD!!!

Here's what I have new out today!

Doodley Borders 'n' Frames Vol 1. by Sahlin Studio:

Metal Photo Holders by Sahlin Studio:

Circle Stitches-Black & White by Sahlin Studio:

Wire-Rimmed Alpha by Sahlin Studio:

So.... What's this about a External Hard Drive?

"Once upon a time....there was a beautiful young woman ( beautiful I mean 'still in my PJ's at 2pm', and by young I mean '30 is the new 20') Anyways...once upon a time there was a beautiful young woman who spent her days slaving tirelessly at her computer. She loved her job, and spent many (many-as in 'I think I have carpel-tunnel and my eyes are seeing spots) hours working at the computer. One hot summer day, she was opening up her EHD (yes, this is a very technical fairytale), when Lo and Behold-her stash had vanished. All her scrapping kits, supplies, pictures, all GONE.

She wept real tears (yes, I did...big fat ones) and cried for her fairy godmother. Twinkle twinkle twinkle, down came the fairy godmother who smiled upon the beautiful woman and said, "Well, what happened, didn't you back up?" The handsome prince galloped in (I called my hubby at work and begged him to find someone to fix it-ASAP!) and searched high and low for one who was wise enough to cast such a spell. After weeks of searching the countryside (lots of disappointing phone calls and emails), he found one wise enough to cure the EHD of it's memory loss. When the beautiful woman heard how much it cost ($2,000 FREAKIN dollars, thank you very much) She gasped in horror. "

So in an attempt to crawl out of my DEBT... I am having a little fundraiser! I'm offering all of my products new, out today, at a HUGE-ly discounted bundle price. Everything I make off of these products will go towards paying off some my EHD expense!

Cool right? Good for you and good for me!! Don't miss this AWESOME SAVINGS!!!

Always Back-Up Bundle by Sahlin Studio:

Bundle Package will Expire: October 9th!!

Here is a little inspiration, in hopes that this will convince you to support my little cause. HAHA!!

Please help this fairytale end happily - buy my bundle.


Oh.... P.S. If you haven't got the memo... backup!



Tara Pitts said...

Krista--You are a hoot! LOVE the story and can identify in more ways than one (pjs at 2, "young" woman) AND the horror of losing everything and having to pay an exorbitant amount to get it back. We lost our hard drive to spyware two years ago and it was just so sad . . . all our pictures of our babies and we did not have a back up. But, we paid the piper ($700) and got it back and now we back up EVERYDAY. I will check out your fundraiser--everything looks great!

mikelinz said...

I too have learned the hard way. I am still saving to have an EHD restored, and mine has been quoted at 0-$2000. 0 if they can't retrieve the data. In my case it is photos, so they are waiting.. But i have been and supported your fundraiser. So I hope that helps! Cute stuff. Glad they retrieved your data. Off to backup my EHD as i shopped today!

myflsun said...

Krista, I have written you before, but hadn't heard what your final cost was! Oh. My. Goodness. If this EVER happens again, please do not call them! Ladies, it does not have to cost this much. If you don't still have my address, Krista, give a shout-out and I will give it to you. Good luck with your fundraiser; I love your stuff!


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