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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Worn Out!! And a PEEK at tommorrow!!

Yes, I am officially old. Er, at least I feel old. We had my daughter's field trip today to the zoo. After we had finished the zoo, and we all were eating a nice picnic lunch I find out we were going on a 2 mile hike. "Oh", I said. Hmmm... as I look down at my black dress pants and cute little flip flops. (I had dressed for a field trip/gotta work afterwards kind of day, not a 2 mile hike kind of day) And besides the obvious, anyone that knows me, knows that me hiking anywhere sounds like alot of work much less 2 miles. But I sucked it up and trudged on. But now that I'm back home and sore, wow I am REALLY regretting the nice leisure stroll through the woods. OK whine whine... I'll move on.

I have something to show you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I would have showed you earlier. (But again, remember the hike story) ah yes!



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