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Thursday, June 3, 2010


It's my baby boys birthday today!! Yep, Gabe turns 6!! Sniff sniff...
AND he graduates from Kindergarten tonight too! (alright, I have to hold it together) HAHA!!

Well in honor of my boy, I thought I'd make a little something inspired by him:


Oohh.... and I have more interesting news coming tomorrow!!



Anonymous said...

looks fabulous as always!!!! Ooooo I hate waiting! LOL

Miranda said...

This looks promising, can't wat to see the whole thing. And hate to wait, LOL.

LHadgis said...

I love the peak too! My little guy graduates from Kindergarten later this month...he's my oldest, but it's feels like he was just born. I know you will enjoy the graduation and Happy Birthday to your guy!

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