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Monday, June 20, 2011

Inspirational Words


One of the fastest growing websites nowadays is Pinterest. Seriously... I can get lost in no time on that site. People find some pretty amazing things on there and it is always interesting to find out what "pinterests" them. One of the things I love about pinterest are all the wonderful inspirational phrases or words that are posted. Who isn't always looking for wonderful quote or phrase to complete their scrapbook page. People used to buy books full of titles and topics and inspirational ideas.

I thought it would be fun to highlight an inspirational word or phrase that I came across in the hopes that it will inspire you in your scrapbooking endeavors and life in general.

Here is an inspiration for today:




Deirdre said...

I don't know if your site has been corrupted or just the link site for the free downloads. I came from the lilypad site because of the link there under your school kit and whenever I click on any of your "upload" links, the page switches into a "Windows Security" page.
I'm only experiencing it on your site so I thought I should let you know. Thanks!

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