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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

JOURNAL IT: Notes From Today


Welcome to another journal it series. "Journal It" is where you can find help with journal inspiration or where you can find a quote that you can use on about on almost ANY layout. I hope this will help to inspire you. You could use the prompts in many different ways... you might use the prompt on your layout and stop right there, you may not need to journal more... Whereas other times these prompts might inspire you to write about something even deeper. Feel free to check out this weeks prompt below. If you missed any, you can check out any previous prompts. And be sure to come back because I'll be posting a new journaling prompt every other week!

This weeks Journal It prompt is a simple one: Notes From Today.

Sometimes the Journal It prompt can simply be used as a title, but this prompt requires some journaling. I know some people really struggle with journaling, but this prompt is great for minimalist journalers as well. You could:

- Jot notes from the day just like you would jot notes on a piece of paper. You could even write them down in a list format.

- Write out the full story so you don't forget any detail of the memory you are recording.

My CT came up with some great inspiration using this journaling prompt! I hope they inspire you as much as they do me!




And as always, I love to see how you are inspired by these prompts. Feel free to play along and share any layouts by leaving a comment with a link!



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