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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

MY NEW LOVE: My Epiphanie Purse / Camera Bag

I am usually not a huge 'purse' collector by any means. To be honest, I've carried the same larger bag style purse since about college... and had looked for a bag to replace it for a few years. WELL... LOOK no further. I found my new LOVE. Yep, it is not only a purse... but the most amazing camera bag for my DSLR camera.

Hello, lover. .

This amazing bag is called, Lola, from Epiphanie.
Epiphanie bags are a stylish way to transport your camera every where you go. But SO functional! No need to lug around an extra bulky geeky camera bag; becuase it is designed to hold your precious camera and lenses. And truly, it has been SO amazing to be able to have both cameras with me WHERE EVER I go.

I did a layout recently with pics of my new bag... and it sure started a stir. HAHA!!

After that I received many emails with questions, so I will try to answer them all if I can.

Do you like it? Um, understatement. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

Is it comfortable to pack around and does it hold all that you need it to? While this is a BIG bag, it is not outrageous big. I LOVE large purses though. And I am surprised with how much fits in here. Each section is velcro, so you can move and adjust to fit your needs.

What do I have in my bag: I hold my Nikon DSLR, Canon Powershot, wallet, a good book, water bottle, keys, iphone, tube of lotion, sunglasses, pen, and still have TONS more storage. You could easily fit more lenses as well.

I checked their site and currently the bags are out of stock. When I purchased my bag, I was on a wait list as well... but believe me... it was so well worth the wait!!

Mostly I receievd numerous questions with what fit inside the bag. And I should mentioned that if you run a google search on Epiphanie Lola you will get many photos of what others fit in the bag. Like here a couple others, and how they've configured their bags.

Michelle Waite

Simply Sexy

Michelle Moore

Next on my list:
Epiphanie Clover
I think I've found my next bag already as well. HAHA!! But this one would be able to store my laptop and magazines, as well as my camera equipment. Which would definitely be nice for work when I travel around. I can say it's a work expense, can't I? My hubbie HAS to agree with that.



RKSP said...

Great post! I was one of the people who e-mailed you after seeing your epiphanie layout. I was inspired to finally get my own Epiphanie bag--a Clover. And I love it! On weekdays I use it as a computer bag to take my laptop back and forth from work, and on weekends, I carry my DSLR, wallet, and diaper bag essentials in there. It is the best bag I've ever had!

Sarah said...

Wow, that's great. Thank you for sharing Krista. Never saw it before. At least, not in Belgium (Europe)... I think it's a safe way to transport your DSLR, because it doesn't even look like a camerabag, so know one will know you've got something very precious in it.

emmelleff said...

May just have to put that on the Christmas list! thanks for sharing.

Cristina said...

Sigh, I knew it, it's so hard to resist now! I am not a big fan of purses, and I don't really like big ones either, but I almost only use purses big enough to carry my camera. This is sooo pretty!

Kelseyll =) said...

Thanks so much for posting this!! It is such a sharp looking bag and I'm so sad it is out of stock right now! I even contacted them directly about it, but they seriously won't see anything in until mid-September. Too late for my mid-August WDW trip! I just love it and it will just have to go in my "wish list" now.

Mi Monteiro said...
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