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Sunday, January 8, 2012

My Scrapbooking Stats & TOP 10 Layouts of 2011


There is a really great thread that started over at the LilyPad focusing and reflecting on our scrapbooking stats for this past year. Also, it mentioned to pick your TOP 10 Layouts for 2011. Doesn't that sound like fun? A great way to cap off the year, and start off anew. So I thought I would join in.

I counted up my finished layouts, and my books I've had printed for this year.

Completed Layouts: 170 Layouts
Printed Books: (3) from 2008
Created & Printed a Blurb Designed Book: from our 2011 Cruise

My TOP 10 Layouts of 2011:
(images are linked, click for credits)

I am so happy with how much I was able to accomplish this year. But... I am even more determined to be to complete more in this 2012 year. To do this I have to accept that I can't always focus on the page being the best, or gallery standout worthy. I need to try and complete more projects, and family alblums so that I am able to print them off into book and have them for sharing with my family.

Here is to 2012!!
Perhaps you should jump on board, feel free to share your stats here.
Do you have any goals? Have you written them down?



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