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Saturday, July 19, 2008

We are back...

The kids and I had a great trip to Amber and Ashok's house. We love seeing them. Here is a picture of my little baby-sitter. Sophie was busy looking after Aisiah "Sammy". She loved comforting him when he cried, picking him up, putting him in the stroller and taking him for little walks. In Nepal, close cousins are similar to being called brother/sister & Amber and Ashok assure Sophie that she is the boys "sister". So one evening Sophie told Uncle Darv exactly how she was related to them... "she was Archer and Aisaiah sister-in-law". Ha ha ha. Uncle Darv got a kick out of that one! I love how little minds think. I couldn't fit all my pictures here, but I'm sure I will be scrapping them soon.

Aisiah almost 5months

Us girls all put henna on our feet


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