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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Its Beginning to Look alot like... Halloween??

This was here on Friday Yes, four days ago. Luckily it melted already. Whew.



Fran Bunny Designs said...

My first time in MN was on Friday. We drove through that nonsense called snow! Lucky day to choose to visit! lol

Breeoxd said...

oh. wow.

onehm said...


Guess living on the face of the sun all summer has it's perks. Our high today was barely 81...

Glad that it melted. Happy Halloween??!

myflsun said...

Oh, yuck. I definitely don't miss that. We've had lots of rain, but I'd still take it over the snow. At least it's gone for now. When we lived up there, it just seemed like it snowed and then never melted until April. Blech.

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