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Monday, January 4, 2010

Guess where we are going!!!


My parents surprised us all with a trip to Orlando for their 35 Wedding Anniversary!
We are SO lucky!! Although they are not Disney "folk", I'm hoping to get there at least 2 days!!
We are leaving on Saturday and come back on Jan 16th. I'll make sure to have a little something new for Friday before we leave.




Hilarie said...

How exciting!!! I have been online pricing a trip for February today. I wish someone would surprise us with a trip! :)

Have a wonderful time!!!

Dawn said...

COuldn't have come at a better time...the weather is freezing in these here parts, lol. Have a fabulous time!

Sharon Kay said...

How wonderful!! Enjoy it! Hopefully it will inspire you to create some additional Disney inspired kits! I was just using your Enjoy the Moment add on ... and decided to hop over to your blog and see what was new. I love those mickey "glass" balloons! You should see how I have used them! Have a great time!

Monika said...

Wish you great time!!!


Erica Webster said...

Have a fantastic trip!

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