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Friday, January 8, 2010

In Review

Happy Friday Everyone! How were all of your holidays? I hope that each and every one of you had a blessed season, full of love, happiness, and of course, photos! LOL! Somehow that part always ends up being one of my favorites. Maybe because it helps me remember the love and happiness portion of the festivities? But I digress... I know I have been a little quiet over the holidays, I've been enjoying the Christmas and New Year's holidays. And what do I have to show for it? Two happy kiddos and alot of memories and photos to be scrapped! I myself do some of my best scrapping when the photo and element placement is all taken care of, leaving me free to do the really fun part - picking the pretty stuff! So this week I created two great big template packs that will make a HUGE dent in your holiday scrap tasks. And perfect for those 365 pictures! Not into 365 per say? I'm not trying 365 this year, but these templates would be perfect for a look at your week or month or a just a recap on your year. Take a look!

In Review: Modern

In Review: Eclectic
Sahlin Studio

Want them both? Save a bunch by purchasing this combo pack!
A fantastic value that will get some of those huge large annual events done in a jiffy!

In Review: Combo

Some Inspiration:
Check out these layouts for a little inspiration!

Here is a layout from my SIL, Kelly (kkklatt) starring my little nephew. Isn't he cute?
Sahlin Studio
Sahlin Studio


Lacidock Katiepie
Sahlin Studio
Norton94 Kimbytx

Bluefiji97 Monsu


Lacidock Stefanie
Sahlin Studio





Now, get busy scrapping those warm memories!

On a personal note: I am so excited to tell you my family and I are going on a little holiday!! YAY! As of tomorrow we fly to beautiful, sunny and warm (hopefully) Orlando! My entire family (my mom and dad, my siblings and their families) is going to celebrate my parents 35th Wedding Anniversary. I'll try to put some pictures up on Facebook while we are there! I don't know if I know much about Twitter to be able to tweat any pics.

To become a Sahlin Studio Facebook fan or see pics during our trip go here:

Happy Scrapping!



kendallt said...

Hope you guys have a wonderful trip, Krista! LOVE the new templates btw!

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