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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Memories... so worth it.

Well we are back from our trip. It was so nice having a small break to enjoy my family. If you missed it, me and my extended family (including my parents and my siblings and their families) went to Orlando to celebrate my mom and dad's 35th Wedding Anniversary. What a treat! When we left Minnesota it was a balmy -18degrees (-30degree windchill), so we were excited to get out of the great north. Well, only to find out it was only 30-40's in Florida. Come on!! I wanted so sunshine. But, oh well... we had a great time despite the cold weather, and were very happy it warmed up by the end of our week.

We didn't do ALL Disney stuff (my parents aren't huge fans. SHOCK, I know). But we did a great Pirates Dinner Show, did some shopping, biking and made it to a few of the parks (minus the folks). And to top it off, I somehow received a nice vacation gift... the flu. Yes. ACK! My little 6month old nephew got sick one night, poor kiddo. Then it made it's rounds to my sister, myself, and my brother in law. Not a fun way to enjoy the end of a great trip, but I made it and am doing SO much better now. Thank goodness!!

Here are a few pic snapshots of our trip.
Well had such a fun and silly time. I LOVE my family!



Dawn said...

Loved the photos, specially the one of them all worn out and sleeping in the car. Sounds like a fabulous time was had by all.

Kelly (kkklatt) said...

Cute collage of pictures-Love the one of you in the cart...big dork!

Kimbytx said...

Great the kids cute

Breeoxd said...

just adorable. glad you feel better!

Monika said...

woooow,wonderful photos,sweetie!!


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