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Monday, May 30, 2011

JOURNAL IT: Dictionary Words

Welcome to another journal it series. "Journal It" is where you can find help with journal inspiration or where you can find a quote that you can use on about on almost ANY layout. I hope this will help to inspire you. You could use the prompts in many different ways... you might use the prompt on your layout and stop right there, you may not need to journal more... Whereas other times these prompts might inspire you to write about something even deeper. Feel free to check out this weeks prompt below. If you missed any, you can check out any previous prompts. And be sure to come back because I'll be posting a new journaling prompt every other Monday!


I hope everyone is having a wonderful Memorial Day holiday! I hope your day is full of fun picnic and family plans...and because I'm sure many of you are busy, I'll make today's "Journal It" post short and sweet.

Today's I want you to focus on: Dictionary Words.

Yep, it is time to drag out the old Webster's for some help in the journaling department. Journaling is all about the words, and what better place to look for inspiration than in a book full of words.

You might be surprised at how looking through a dictionary can inspire your journaling.

You could:
1. Use a dictionary word as your title and journal around it's meaning. Maybe it is a definition of an event or a word that describes a loved one's personality.
2. Use an actual dictionary entry on your page. You can see in my example below what that looks like.

I thought that one definition summed up the whole photograph of the beautiful women in my life. I didn't feel like it needed any more journaling than that one definition. However, you could go on to describe how the people in that photo are beautiful and what they mean to you. Or describe the event surrounding the photo. See where just a simple dictionary definition can take you?

I hope this dictionary idea has been a help and if you are ever inspired by any of the journal it series, be sure to share a link to your layout in the comments section, so you can inspire others!



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