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Friday, September 10, 2010

Sahlin Studio Creative Team


The questions that I get asked the most are... who is on your creative team? and where is so-and-so's gallery? I completely understand why you would want to know! They are SO talented!!

Each and every person on my team gives me so much inspiration.... and I know they will inspire you as well! I heartily believe that a designer is only as good as their team makes them look. Really!!! and you know what? We still make this hobby FUN, its not about deadlines or selling something... we make this about documenting our lives and giving a little food for the soul.

Digital Team
Amanda (gracielou)
Brenda (kaleandkiara)
Britt (designerbrittney)
Carly (snaggletooth75)
Cheryl (gonewiththewind)
Cindy (cindys732003)
Christine (alamama)
Courtney (cnscrap)
Diane (dianeskie)
Erica (pne123)
Georgia Visacri (GeVisacri)
Ivelina (Damayanti)
Jasmin (Jasmin)
Jen (JenJ)
Jennifer Barette
Jess (JustJess)
Juliana (juhh( Ju Kneipp Designs))
Krista P (norton94)
Melissa (yzerbear19)
Melissa (mlewis)
Monique (monsu)
Rebecca (RebeccaH)
Shannon (strange.bird)


Jenni (sportay24)
Dana (missrubikscube)

Brynn Marie
Leigh (leightheo)

Bre (breeoxd)
Heather (talktoheather)
Kim (kimbytx) - Facebook Fan page
Becca(becca1976) - blog & marketing
Kat - marketing


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