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Monday, September 6, 2010

So I did it... cut off 6 inches

I was so tired of having long, long hair.
It got to a point where I constantly kept throwing it up in a pony, and well.... I needed a change.
So after 6inches off, highlights on top, black underneath.... THE NEW ME!! (oh...don't mind the pic, its not the best. I took it myself on my iphone in the car)


I'm loving the LOVE the change!!



Breeoxd said...

OH you look MAHvelous daling, simply MAHvelous!

Kat Designed said...

I love the color!! You are brave to cut it short, I can't talk myself into it and believe me I've tried... ha ha!

erica922 said...

love your new cut :) u look pretty :)

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