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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pumpkin Carving Ideas

It's about that time for some fun... pumpkin carving!!

We always have a blast doing this each year, and the pumpkin design is a BIG DEAL. The whole family usually searchs online for templates or inspiration, then we get out the old sketchbook and doodle our designs till we have it perfect!! And each year we find that we must have one scary pumpkin, and one goofy pumpkin.

Here's what ours turned our like last year: (click to see credits)


So what about you guys?
Do you do your pumpkins free hand?
Do you use a template?

I did alot of pumpkins searching today...
and I thought I'd share some of my finds with you all.

There are some cute ones at

And here are a few more sites that I found some great pumpkin templates at:
Better Homes and Gardens
The Pumpkin Lady
Readers Digest

Hey, what about Disney themed templates?
The last couple years we just had to do a Mickey ears pumpkin.
And whoa baby... it turned out so great!! Check it out...
Here is a website totally inspired by "Disney"fied pumpkins.

Looking at all of these I think this one (see below) is going to be our winner for our goofy pumpkin.
(Now I have to convince the kids. )

You can find this one and more at Reader Digest here.

I'd love to see your ideas or past pumpkins...
Leave me a comment and link me up!!

Happy Carving



Anonymous said...

HAHAHAH! What a good idea. My daughter has become a disney addict after our first trip in May. she might have to do a Mickey pumpkin

Sara said...

Am I missing the credits? It takes me back to the blog. I love the papers you used in that first layout!

Patricia said...

We love pumpkin carving too! We've used patterns from Pumpkin Masters. They have free patterns online and you can buy booklets of their patterns and tools in stores. They even have a Disney booklet as well. Thanks for the tip on Disney pumpkins!

Breeoxd said...

really loving the random blog post. great timing- picking out my pumpkin next weekend for sure!

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