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Friday, July 31, 2009

Block it Up!

I have a pack of templates for your this week, inspired by my 'real life' best friend and sister-in law, Kelly (kkklatt) Rarely do I see a layout from this girl that doesn't have blocking in it!! hee hee (love you Kel) I LOVE her style and her layouts!!

Blocking Templates by Sahlin Studio:

Aren't these fabulous??

So get out there and Block it Up!!



March 2007 adoptive mom said...

These ARE fab! Adding them to my wishlist right now :)

Sharon said...

i so love these layouts! i'm completely inspired right now and i'm going to create a page like this!

Tara said...

I love these templates--thanks for providing so much great inspiration! I can't wait to get started with them.

Kelseyll =) said...

These are so fun!!! I did lots of blocking when I paper scrapped, but have only done a couple with digital! Thanks for posting all these inspirational layouts...there are some cute ideas here!!

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