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Friday, July 17, 2009


Answer to the Question: I have been really diggin' alphas lately. Sometimes, title-ing and alphas can really make a page!! So check out a few I have out today. I'm really proud of them. And of course, I have some gorgeous inspirational layouts for you to browse through.

Oh and BTW.... I'm sure a few of you heard about my tragedy that happen over this last weekend. Yeah... my external hard drive decided that it had it's last leg after only 3 months of use. So all of my precious photos, layouts and designing tools are gone. I'm doing much better though...thank you for all of your kind words, they made my day when I was feeling pretty crummy. So in order to try one last effort, I did mail it into a company the rebuilds hard drives in hope that they can rebuild it for use long enough to grab my precious data. This company is charging a pretty dime... so I best get busy, eh?

Just Add Water Alpha Worn Cardboard Strip Alpha

Just Add Water Combo Alphas

Here's mine that I did using the combo alpha pack:

Some Inspiration from my CT:

Christmas in July SALE at ScrapMatters!!!

Striped Candy Alpha

They are 25%off the next couple days!!!!

Here are some layouts using the Striped Candy Alpha.
I was SO happy to see the it works for SO many types of layouts, and not just Christmas layouts!!

Isn't all of this goodness fabulous??

I'm off to another wedding this weekend. So we'll be havin' fun getting down at the dance, and swimming in the pool at the hotel. Hopefully you all have GREAT weekends... and happy scrapping!



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