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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

50% OFF this item... TODAY ONLY!!

Hello everyone, Happy Hump-day! And a Wednesday e-mail from me means one thing... Wibbit Wednesday!! For those of you not familiar, Wibbit Wednesday is a day at the LilyPad were select items are available for
50% OFF!! But the deal only lasts for today, ONE DAY ONLY, so hop on over and check it out.

Every once in a while we need a little help to find a message for our layouts. You know, the layouts that maybe not have a title or anything other than a pictures and elements. OR what about those pages that you've journaled about... but was THAT message really that important?

Here is a MEGA journaling kit with dozens and dozens of journal prompts ready to help you to get started on finding more meaning in your layouts. Back when I paper scrapped I would do these type of layouts all of the time, asking questions. I've seem to forgotten to ask questions like this since I've gone digital. This is great to find out what more of what you or your kiddos are thinking and who they are in that moment.

These are a made with the intention of hodge-podgeyness Use one, use ten.
Use as a focal point or title or use as a journaled caption. Feel free to cut or mix with others.

50% OFF TODAY ONLY!! Getting Started: Journal Prompts
Sahlin Studio

Check out these layouts for a little inspiration!
OR feel free to check out the Sahlin Studio gallery












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I`m very surprised to see my page on your blog ;) LOVE your stuff...

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