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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cool Product Finds

I've been scrapping a bit more than usual lately... I have been trying to get a book done in time to be printed before Christmas. YAY!! And I wanted to share a couple of really cool and MUST have products that I have been really lovin'!

Check them out:

This date set is from Baers Garten, and possibly the BEST date set I've ever use.
Aren't they neat?

Everyday 365 Date Flair By Baersgarten:

This one is a really amazing font. It is from a really amazing girl, Heather (on my creative team) She's just getting starting in her font line. I use SO SO SO many fonts, and rarely purchase any... but this one is SO cool. It is truly a 'hand' made font and look like you've written on the page. Great for titling too.

the cd writer by heather hess:

If you are looking for a funky and neat holiday alpha.... look no more.
This is the most realistic candy cane alpha I've seen and it works amazingly for titling pages.

Peppermint Stick by valorie wibbens:

Hope you think these finds are neat too!



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